Blacklynx ODBC/JDBC Connector Guides

Connect your business analytics/intelligence/visualization applications such as Tableau, PowerBI or Excel using the BlackLynx Connectors for ODBC/JDBC. This is done without the need for indexing or ETL and without the need to place the data into an SQL or noSQL database. Thereby enabling an array of search capabilities accelerated through the use of BlackLynx technology, including complex queries such as fuzzy search, PCAP analysis, and regular expression capabilities.  Supports XML, JSON, CSV, unstructured and PCAP file formats, all through simple SQL commands.

  • Supports direct access to large (>128MB) JSON data
  • Supports direct access to XML data
  • Supports search on Unstructured data sets
  • Supports search on raw PCAP binary data sets
  • Supports regular expression searches in the SQL query
  • Supports Point-in-Polygon searches in the SQL query
  • Supports Fuzzy Hamming and Levenshtein distance searches in the SQL query
  • Supports joins on disparate data sets, ie: JSON and XML
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